Martie Bautista

My family is my biggest fitness influence. My dad used to wake me up at 6AM every weekend just to go jogging; he enrolled me into a football clinic, and I've been playing the sport locally and internationally ever since! When lockdown began and football was cut off from me, my brother got me into jump rope and weight training, so now, every morning is spent working up a sweat just like before. It can get challenging, but for me, getting out of bed and choosing to work out is an accomplishment in itself.


I've heard that "every man I meet is my superior in some way. In that, I learn from him." As an athlete, I always have the opportunity to meet so many great inspirations: from coaches, players, people I've chatted with in the gym, and now to MCs and Movers—I always take the chance to learn from everyone I meet. When I'm not busy playing sports, working out, and looking up to my fitspos, I'm also a professional singer and rapper in the shower!


My personal mantra is "hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard," so in my classes, expect to put in the hard work as we do my favorite deadlifts, squats, and athletic movements. But don't worry, rap, old school hip-hop, pop remixes, and house music will make you forget that you put the work in working out! 

Upcoming Classes

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