Lexi Gancayco

I swam competitively for 7 years but, to be honest, my heart was never into it. I was like a zombie fish, literally just going through the motions, mindlessly throwing out one stroke after the next without ever giving any thought as to where I was going. I finally broke out of my wet spell during my Junior year of high school; where I decided to just focus on my personal fitness. 


I could hardily believe what happened next: for the first time in almost a decade I LOVED working out again! Not just loved it-kinda loved it - I loved it like earth-shattering kind of love.


Nearly another decade later, working out still brings a dorky smile to my face.


Despite feeling like an oppressed dolphin at Sea World for all those years, swimming competitively for that long has taught me two important lessons. First, that health and fitness is not a sprint, it is an ultra ultra marathon. When the going gets tough, the tough tell themselves to just keep getting those arms paddling over their head and through, over and through, over and through - until you’re no longer swimming, but one with the water. This isn’t to say you should become a zombie fish like me - but to understand that nothing will beat consistency and perseverance. 


Second, the best dishes in life are served better with friends, family and other like minded individuals.   


Today, my life’s passion has been to share the joy and freedom fitness has given me, passing on my experience and energy to anyone willing to make real, lasting change. 


This is why TMS is so special to me; it is a home where I can truly spread these very passions. 

IG: lexi_gancayco

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