Kiana Henares

I started off with functional fitness through yoga and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Always been one to enjoy a physical and mental challenge, I ventured into doing cardio and strength training too. Doing so opened up more opportunities for me, such as being part of my school's judo team and becoming ACE-certified in personal training and group fitness. 


My #1 mantra in life is to always listen to your body. It's all about challenging and encouraging it to promote sustainable and healthy growth, whether inside of fitness or even out of it. You might even surprise yourself by acquiring a new skill, just as I did when I discovered I could draw! 


What I'd like to impart to my Movers is that not everything is about results, but rather the relationship you build with yourself through your journey. Let movement accompanied by trap, EDM, hip hop, and rock music help us know and love ourselves even better—because after all, having fun as we become our best selves is what makes fitness and life all the more fulfilling!


IG: @kianahenares

Upcoming Classes

Aug 19 @ 6:00 PM / ALL IN XStream