Grant Teng

I was your typical obese kid all the way upto my first year of college. When I finally decided to care about my weight, it was – you guessed it – to look good for a beach trip! So I did what every college bro did to look good in short shorts: crash dieted and trained to “tone.” I lost 40 pounds, felt like garbage and looked terrible. Those were embarrassing times. But I’ve gone a LONG way since then.


In 2017 I competed at two physique shows just for shits and giggles and unsurprisingly bombed hard. But that didn’t deter me – I was hooked, I LOVED sculpting and pushing my body to its extreme limits. I finally decided to take my physique seriously in 2018, made some huge self-taught gains which translated to better physique gains and several bodybuilding accolades to boot.


What began as a shallow desire to look good for the gram has developed into a “fitness is life” life long passion. Everything I know was completely self-taught so I know that I can pass down my knowledge to anyone, beginners and advanced movers alike! 

IG: @_greglifts

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