Hannah Bacani

I’ve been a performer ever since I could remember. Anything that involves a microphone — from singing, musical theatre, dance, hosting, and radio— makes me feel alive! Translating that energy into fitness was natural to me.


From the moment I fell in love with high intensity group classes and strength training, I knew I wanted to empower others to recognize their bodies’ fullest potential and unleash their inner athlete. I further expanded my knowledge in fitness and training others by obtaining a Group Fitness Instructor Certification from the American Council of Exercise. Witnessing other people's improvement is what drives me. Being a part of their in strength, speed and technique gains whilst boosting their self-love is what drives me to wake up every day at 4am and crush it until 9pm! Those crazy hours at work give me the chance to push my capacity to the absolute limit. Juggling these jobs is hard but I’m never drained. 


Fitness gives me the physical energy and mental clarity to achieve in all aspects of my life — because when you train your hardest, you’re ready for whatever life throws your way.


IG: @hannahbacani_

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