Celine Villonco

I've tried many sports and physical activities growing up and while I was in school: ballet, gymnastics, hip-hop, cheerleading, basketball, and rowing, and even competed internationally for rowing. After graduation, I tried to find ways to stay fit and active, which led me to join all kinds of group fitness classes.


Becoming a TMS MC is a dream come true! I started working out with TMS in-studio back in 2019, and since then, TMS classes have been and will always be a big part of my week, whether as a Mover or now as an MC.


Growing up with an active lifestyle has made such an impact on me and my workouts! My favorite Moves are skaters, jumping jacks, 3-point sky rockets, Russian twists, and other explosive moves. In my classes, expect happy, girl power, throwback, EDM, and pop songs to help us through dynamic movements that will make us get stronger together!

Upcoming Classes

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