Dawn Nova

Growing up, I've always been sporty! Varsity soccer was my main thing in high school, but I also played lawn tennis, table tennis, badminton, and swimming. When I finished my studies, I made it a point to keep working out so I could maintain my active lifestyle—that's what led me to be a fitness enthusiast. 


It's through being active that I learned I'm able to encourage and inspire others to prioritize fitness. I chose to become a group fitness instructor, starting with weights, spinning, and now TMS, because my passion for fitness empowers me to share my knowledge and touch others' lives. So, it's my greatest accomplishment to help as many people as I can achieve their fitness goals, no matter how big or small. 


I live by the saying "Don't be afraid to fail; be afraid to not try," so let's try our best in everything we do, in and out of the SweatCave and your SweatHome. Come to my classes and let's power through rows and more with the help of pop music. Who knows? You might just see me do my secret talent one of these days!

Upcoming Classes

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