Jason Santos

I was a student athlete, focused on winning inside the court and working hard outside of it. I didn't have it in me to lead my team, but I would do my part to make sure we reach our goals together. 


Long after my varsity days, I became an indoor cycling instructor, and that was where I learned that I could motivate others. Through being a fitness instructor, I'm able to use my past experiences as a young athlete to inspire others to go after their goals. What I learned early on is something that I'm just going through all over again, but with the added fulfillment of sharing it with others. 


When I'm in need of a breather, I unwind by traveling and engaging in extreme outdoor sports and activities, documenting each of my adventures as I go. Yet, some of the most exciting times are those I get to share with my Movers. So in my classes, I want them to feel good as they move to future bass and retro hits—because when it comes to fitness and life, it's all about the good vibes!

IG: @jasonthejman

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