Tik Rosquillo

Being active is all I've ever known to be, whether it's through my various hobbies, organizations and other school activities, and even in church. I love the rush of meeting new people and trying new things, and when I first tried dancing, I knew it was something I wanted to do forever! 


My passion for performing, interest in how the human body works, and dream to hone better dancers pushed me to get a Bachelor's degree in Physical Wellness. It was from there that my teaching career began. What started out with me being a dance coach evolved into me wanting to reach more people through other forms of movement, so I became a group fitness instructor too. Since then, it has been my ultimate goal to not just help my students move better, but to inspire them to become better people as well. 


Through music that can keep us dancing, you can expect that we'll move through class and life together. I promise you can count on me and my #TikTalks to be with you every step of the way!


IG: @tikthetikman

Upcoming Classes

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