Kyla Gancayco

My fitness journey started all the way back in grade school, when I was a member of my school's swim team. Years later, I joined the basketball team and even the street dance team. I dropped all these when I entered college, but couldn't take sports away from me, so I tried out for the track and field team in my Junior year and got in. While I was never the star player, I was always willing to learn new skills. 


I look up to many strong women, but know that I can't look exactly like them, nor can any of them look exactly like me, because every body is different. And for me, I feel my best when I feel strong. So, I hope I'm able to make my Movers feel the same way through working out to music that ranges from J. Cole to Ariana Grande, and even to some Disney! 


When I'm not teaching a class or lifting more than double my body weight, you can find me in the kitchen baking (or sneaking in some Jollibee C3!), drawing and doodling, rapping and TikToking, or bonding with my dogs. Throughout the variety of sports I've tried and my other interests, I've learned that sometimes you win, but at all times, you learn.


IG: @kylagancayco

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