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Ten years ago, I was the last person anyone would expect to set foot in a gym. I was scrawny, feeble, skinny-fat and unwittingly relied way too much on my youth to stay a size 2. I was THAT quintessential basic party girl. Everything changed when I went to dentistry school; chronically exhausted, malnourished and mentally drained – I needed something to get me through it all. Enter, Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) – my first athletic activity EVER (I was that kid that figured out how to skip PE class-EVERY time). My physical and mental energy went through the roof within the first few months – it was absolutely exhilarating! Fitness went from becoming a temporary escape to a lifelong passion - and later mission. BJJ was great, but being the secret competitive type I loathed getting smashed by guys who I knew were technically inferior! It wasn’t long before I had taken up strength training and became strong AF – I haven’t looked back ever since. That was 10 years ago. Health and fitness has given me so much over the years that I felt it only right to share with others the benefits, the joys and the freedom it has granted me. Oh, and I eventually did end up beating PLENTY of BJJ grunts!


I put up the movement studio with the primary goal of helping others build fitness into their lives -  for the rest of their lives! This is at the heart of TMS, which we have coined as: sustainable fitness. Sustainable fitness is all about finding that magical sweet spot that makes staying on track as easy as brushing your teeth every night. Sustainable fitness doesn’t ignore you’re peculiar trials and tribulations, but instead relishes in it and empowers you to face life head on. Too many “experts” incessantly proclaim the “no pain no gain” method as the only way to stay healthy, when in reality: every kind of gain requires a specific kind personal solution - most of which, do NOT require constant pain. In fact if the pain from a regimen is causing you to procrastinate or say to yourself “I’ll just rest a few days so I don’t get embarrassed next session,” - just DROP it. We all know that those “days” turn to weeks, and weeks to months, and before you know it you’re back of the wagon and on the couch indefinitely . While some degree of discomfort is necessary to stimulate positive change, lasting change comes from long term CONSISTENCY. Does it even matter if you fit into a size 4 dress one beach weekend if you rebound all that unhealthy size and THEN SOME soon after. Trust me - the likes aren’t worth it! Like I always say: THE BEST regimen is the one that you can stick to; not merely for a few days or weeks or even months - but for years and years! Whether it be playing sports, competing in marathons or simply going for long walks on the beach, do what keeps  you coming back - that’s the REAL SECRET! 


Easier said than done, right? -- but what about those who haven’t had the good fortune of finding something that resonates with them? TMS HAS GOTCHU. TMS was created for people who just want to have a blast working our with like minded individuals, free from all the stigmas and judgment that has so deeply permeated all the old trodden fitness avenues. It is for people who just want to get shit done, and done excellently. Moreover, TMS was created, not only to ignite people’s passions for fitness, but also to to KEEP it FUN - even beyond your time with us at TMS. At TMS we strive not only to deliver the most uniquely breathtaking workout you have ever experienced- but lasting change both in mind and in body. Join the movement and change your life, for the rest of your life!

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